September 6–8, 2017

David Blittersdorf, AllEarth Renewables, Inc.

President and CEO
AllEarth Renewables, Inc. 

To describe David as passionate about renewable energy is a huge understatement. His enthusiasm for finding earth-friendly solutions established itself early: At age 14 he built his first wind turbine to light the small shack he used to boil sap into maple syrup. After he earned his driver's license, he vowed to help the U.S. transition from dependence on fossil fuels following the 1973 oil embargo. And a year after graduating from the University of Vermont, he founded NRG Systems—one of the nation's most successful wind-energy companies—in 1982. Not one to rest on his laurels, however he stepped down as CEO of NRG to found AllEarth Renewables 22 years later.

Today, David is involved in all aspects of AllEarth Renewables' day-to-day operations. He also makes frequent public-speaking engagements and serves on the board of many energy-focused institutions at the national and state levels. He holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from UVM.

Sessions: Spark: Advancing Clean Energy and the Grid