September 6–8, 2017

Navneet Trivedi, Vrinda Inc.

Co-Founder and COO
Vrinda Inc.

Navneet co-founded Vrinda Inc. leveraging more than 24 years of international Energy and Utility sector experience of working with 100+ utilities in 7 countries (North America, Latin America and Asia) across the value chain of the utility industry. 
Navneet believes that transformation to clean energy future will be driven by right business models and not by technologies alone. We need safe, reliable and resilient electricity system but how and who delivers that is up for debate.  Market structures both at distribution and wholesale level need changes. While utilities need to embrace change or parish, technology providers need to put skin in the game by not pushing technology solution alone but bring innovative business models. 
Vrinda Inc.’s clients are C-level executives of progressive utilities in United States and Latin America. Vrinda Inc. works at the intersection of utility/ industry and technology/solution providers to help realize value investments in distributed energy resources. Vrinda is currently advising utilities and regulators in New York, Washington DC, Vermont and others on creation of markets enabled through platform for DERs.
Prior to working with Vrinda Inc. Navneet has worked in leadership positions of world’s largest management consulting and technology firms such as Accenture, PricewaterhouseCoopers over 15 years. Navneet’s experiences range strategy, market design, operational performance improvement, risk management, design, construction of power plants and transmission and distribution networks.
Navneet holds a master’s degree in renewable energy from Indian Institute of technology, Bombay, a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and business certification from Columbia University, New York.

Sessions Pitch: Transforming Through Distributed Generation


Burlington, VT