September 6–8, 2017

Tedd Benson, Bensonwood and Unity Homes

Bensonwood and Unity Homes

Tedd, founder of Bensonwood (1973) and Unity Homes (2012), has devoted his life to developing a better way to build. A key figure in the revival of timber framing in America, Tedd was one of the founders of the Timber Framers Guild of North America (1984) and authored four books on the subject. He launched Bensonwood on a mission to demonstrate how we can effectively build quality, lasting, sustainable homes by embedding the process with disciplined craftsmanship along with advanced technology, software, and manufacturing efficiency. After having spent time researching in Europe and Asia, Tedd went on to found Unity Homes, coupling an innovative system of standardization with lean, quality, off-site construction to make high-performance homes affordable and normal. Tedd is a nationally known speaker and presenter and is the recipient of many awards, including an honorary doctorate from Unity College and, most recently, The Granite State Award in recognition of his statewide and national influence on best building practices.

Sessions: Spark: Buildings of the Future: Low Carbon Solutions in our Built Environment